When Is the Best Time to Search Other Auto Insurance Quotes?

Automobile insurance policies are renewed six monthly or yearly and therefore the premium is a repetitive expense. At the end of the term the company you are insured with will send you new terms for renewal. It will include your details, terms, conditions and the new premium amount. First thing you should do is to make sure everything is correct and as you want.

These details can be very helpful in your search for a better deal. If you like your current policy you can request quotations based on the current coverage. This will make the comparison easier and you wouldn’t be giving up on valuable protection just to get cheap auto insurance quotes.

Renewal periods are great for checking your alternatives and moving to a new vehicle insurer if you want to. There will be no hassle of cancellations and you won’t be charged any fees. You won’t need the previous provider to send you a refund back or anything. The policy will naturally end when it is due for renewal unless you set it up to renew automatically. In that case you have to make sure that the company knows you don’t want to continue with them.

People can be dissatisfied with the service they received, the price they are offered or just looking to see if there is a better deal. The best part of it is that they do not have to offer any excuse for parting.

Especially, seeing increases in the rates is one of the reasons for searching around a bit. At times, people might come across this unexplained increases. It is best to ask the insurer first. They should normally come up with an explanation. It may be because of the changes in the circumstances of the policyholder and it can be well justified.

alternative car insurance quotesHowever, you should not be accepting premium hikes due to incompetence of the company. If a company suffered high claims, they might feel the need to increase the rates. In fact, it does not have to be claim payments. It can just be bad management drugging the firm down. Whichever the reasons, these are not the problem of a loyal customer and they should not be made to carry the burden.

When your premium increase it is not just the difference between the last year’s costs and this year’s charges. Normally, a good driver with no claims should be getting discounts for every year that passes with no incident. The firm has already pocketed the premium paid last year and it is not fair for them to come back and ask more than fair. So, you would need to consider the fact that you didn’t get discounts and now asked to pay even more.

If there was a claim last year, the current insurer would be the one to understand you in this circumstance. Some companies may not make a big deal out of a small claim once in a while. Others may want to punish you heavily for daring to put in a claim. If you are unlucky enough to be with a latter type of company, do check around to see what else on offer.

Regardless of the circumstances, consumers should get several quotes at each auto insurance renewal period. One year is a long enough time in a dynamic market. It is possible that people missed a few years without doing anything else as well. Having had a competitive quote several years back from the current company does not mean that it stands to be the same.

Furthermore, auto insurers come up with much improved packages every year. Even you cannot reduce the rate it is possible that you get great coverage for the same price. Besides, what is wrong with confirming that you are still being looked after by the company you are with?

Avoiding Auto Insurance Scams

The idea of insurance is very comforting for motorists. Driving is dangerous but enjoyable. You have no idea what could happen on the road in a good and bad way. We take a lovely drive, find undiscovered places and have a great day with our family. Those memories stay with us until we take the last breath.

On the other hand, accidents, auto theft, vandalism and nature related damages to our automobiles cannot be ignored. For this reason we buy vehicle insurance coverage. It may be a little or a lot of money we pay but we stand to lose it if we get conned into buying something that is not worth the paper it is written on.

Thankfully most of these schemes cannot go on without being detected. Nonetheless, they can run away with a few million dollars by the time they are detected leaving behind many angry and disappointed customers. Drivers need to be on the look out for these scammers and always use common sense to avoid them. Otherwise you could be in a lot of troubles and financial suffering.

me and my carFirst thing you need to be on the look out is a salesperson who is too keen to do a deal with you that almost willing to give it away. Remember that everything has a cost and it wouldn’t make sense to sell something too cheap. An accident can quickly cost thousands of dollars that auto insurers need to charge decent premiums to be able to pay claims.

Secondly you need to watch out for any signs that are odd. Most experienced drivers know how auto insurance work and what sorts of questions they may be asked by a real provider. Is they don’t appear to be interested in what sort of a driver you are and the type of vehicle you drive this doesn’t look right. Ask a few questions and listen to their answers. You should be able to detect if the answer is coming from a conman or an experienced agent.

Thirdly, there is a saying if it is too cheap it probably is. We all love to get cheap car insurance quotes and we can get them legitimately. But we need to be on the look out for give away rates. For example, if you receive three quotations and they are all around $1500 range, you should be suspicious when you get another quote for $700.

It may be legitimate company and the coverage is fine. But it is way off the market going prices and this should raise alarms. You should never grab those policy offering without making sure that the coverage, agent and insurer are all true, acceptable and real. Remember you can always go back and complete your purchase when you are good and ready.

Fourthly, you should be careful with cold callers. To start with you need to ask how did they get your phone number. Secondly, you should start entertaining them with your private information until you ascertain that they are a reputable company and you are happy to deal with them. Don’t get carried away and taken back with a sweet deal that is not actually there.

Finally, even a legitimate agent can play tricks on you. They can start with a very low premium on the table. As you inquire about the coverage you see that many of the essential policy covers have been stripped to achieve the low price. The next thing you know is that the policy you thought was cheap costs you a lot more that the next one. If you are going to work with an agent make sure he/she is an honest and up front one. There are many of them to be wasting time with dubious ones.

Nine out of ten you will be alright whichever way you choose to buy your auto insurance policy. It is a regulated business to sell insurance products in every state in the USA. So, you can report any suspicious activity or check their legitimacy with your state insurance department. They will have a license number they must display on their premises and any printed document, website or e-mail. A quick phone call can keep your mind at ease and save you from a lot of problems.

Compare Auto Insurance Rates & Save

A constant battle goes on between providers and consumers. The former would want to push the prices up while the latter tries to bring them down. At times some companies may want to take advantage of your desire to save money and offer special packages. When they need more business the best way of drawing attention would be to drop prices. This will spread quickly among intermediaries and end users.

This would mean that there could be good deals available in the market. Do you need to wait for something off-putting happening between you and your vehicle insurer to look for these deals? You have already made a prearrangement with the firm that at the end of the term they will be free to recalculate the premium and you are free to search the market. If both parties are still happy to do business they can enter into a new contract.

compare auto insurance quotesThis would be a perfect time to look what else out there and see if you could manage to find a better deal. You will not be offending anyone by doing so. You can even share your findings with your current insurer or broker. They may either have something to say about it or wish you good luck. Some companies may be able to bring their prices down if you confirm that the new price will be acceptable to you.

Another important function of renewals is that it allows you check your current position and make changes to your policy if necessary. Generally, you are looking for changed factors that related to your personal details like address, job, credit rating, driving history. And you need to consider the same for other listed drivers. Then you need to check any changes on vehicles insured with the policy. These are the risk factors that will increase or decrease your automobile insurance rates. If you are not sure about anything you should check with the company or the broker to confirm the relevance of the information.

A single change in your life can alter your premiums noticeably. Adding a teen driver, buying a sports car or moving into a large city is some of those changes that can double your premium overnight. The other way around is true as well. So, it is important that you talk to your insurer about anything new. You can say that insurance contracts are flexible to accommodate your needs.

When there are one of these changes and large premium increases it is advisable to look for alternative quotes. For example, adding a teenage driver may bother your current insurer but several other companies may not see it as such a bad thing after all. Give them a chance to quote you their new price and help yourself as well.

As mentioned earlier the market changes fast and these changes may serve you well. Majority of companies will send you their renewal terms between 15 to 30 days before the policy due. This gives you plenty opportunity to complete your search and make your mind.

How Comparison Sites Help Insure Cars for Less

Can you imagine the power of only one computer? Now imagine that there is a much powerful computer system and genius programmers. Think what they can do with these capabilities? That is exactly what happens when you are requesting quotations. These highly detailed and well designed programs with the help of super computers can go through large numbers of data in seconds and make calculations. You will see the final outcome as one neat figure at the other end of the screen.

In order for this sophisticated operation to work all you need to do is to choose a reliable website and enter your details diligently. If you want accurate quotes you need to feed the quote form with correct information. Otherwise, you may see that the price has been increased when you accept the quote. This is because the companies start checking the correctness of the details you provided. As they find discrepancy they will need to re adjust their prices.

For example, you may put down that you don’t have any traffic tickets to your name. When they company checks the DMV records they may discover this not to be true. Your initial quote would have been based on the perfect driving history. Now that it has changed the price you are charged will change as well. This will screw up the whole comparison process you have gone through.

Young DriversLet’s look at what is going on behind the scenes of a comparison website. Think about a market place where there is several underwriters and the people who go between customer and underwriter. Say, you walk to a desk and offered your information to one of those customer agents. They then have to take this particulars to various underwriters who will price it according to their rates. The agent will come back and tell you the findings.

This exact process is now done by the computers. Companies offer their rates and calculation methods to comparison engine. As soon as this engine gets your details it starts working. This would be when you press the get quotes button. In a few quick seconds the engine will find out the figures quoted and will report back to you. A few years ago you would think that I am mad to talk this way. Now you may think that I am stupid to explain to you how a computer quotes work.

Instead of talking to one particular auto insurer or their agents you have decided to go to a source that offers you the best of all of them. This is how comparison work. Essentially it is all prices and numbers and some coverage details. But you should be able to make sense of it in no time and put each of them to a test. You should make sure that every quote has the coverage you want before looking at prices.

When you are satisfied with the policy details and the companies offering them you will not take long to pick one of them. You see the whole process can be completed before you know and you could save several hundred dollars.

Make Sure You Defend Your Innocence in an Auto Accident

Suddenly you found yourself right in the middle of an accident that is not your fault. This is quite frustrating and you are not happy for many things. You will have to re-arrange all your work commitments, get a lift home and find a good body shop to repair your automobile. This is all providing you have not been injured. Then, your are off to hospital to get checked and attended to. A lot of pain and suffering as well as missing out on your work and other commitments.

Dealing with claims isn’t a ball either. There are forms to fill and statements to be written. Now you may think that the other guy is clearly at fault and he will confess to it. So, you don’t really need to pay close attention to details and you can just quickly fill the form. You send it off to your insurer and you get back to your life thinking all be over soon and you will get your lovely car back.

The next thing you know it is nowhere near ready and everyone is waiting for the third party insurer to pay. The company is waiting for the statement from their policyholders. They are not going to just pay the money unless their policyholder accepts full responsibility and agree to fault. Do you think it will finish there? Absolutely not, because some companies will not just give up and find ways to avoid paying damages or all of damages. They will go into the nitty gritty of details and find something with a comb.

If you are living in a no fault state it is fairly easier and you ask your own insurer to pay for some or all of your damages. The other side does the same and you don’t have to fight with each other. That is why some states love no fault system as it reduces administration and court cases. If you are not living in one of these states it is a bit more complicated.

First of all, each insurance company would look at statements filled by their policyholders, witnesses and they look at the police report if there is one. They will try to find a way to make their policyholder less guilty and make the other party at fault if they can. It may seem a dishonest way of doing business but this could be more in evidence when the claims are large. At the end they may find a middle ground to agree. This may mean that you are allocated some of the blame.

There is a chance that you are found 20% at fault and the other party 80% at fault. If you have had no way of avoiding the other person crashing onto your automobile you would be upset about even 20%. A minute ago you were the victim. Now you seem to be taking the blame for something you had no control over. Therefore, you should take your time to document the accident as best as you can and explain your side of the story. If you could take picture on the scene do so as well. Pictures help a lot when it comes to determining who is telling the truth.

Cars of the Future Are Already Here

Many companies predict that they are only few years away from building the flying cars. Others are working on making self driving automobiles. These are all interesting discussions but may be not for too long. Shortly we will be driving those vehicles on the streets. Wouldn’t it be marvelous if we could call our car and they would come round running. We don’t need to go down to parking garage to get them. We don’t even need valet service to park them.

Fantasy aside many modern cars come with advanced safety features. One area companies concentrate their efforts is the crash prevention. There is a project somewhere in America that is testing talking cars. Each car is collecting data about the road conditions and accidents and transmitting that data to other talking cars nearby. This way each vehicle is warning the other and they are creating a safer environment. We will see how this project develops.

In the meantime, individual automobiles are armed with crash prevention technologies. When we talk about safety features it is not airbags, seat belts or anti-lock brakes anymore. They are improving everyday as well but the new technology is a lot more sophisticated to a point that they can take control and stop a car before it crashes onto the car in front. This is really something.

advanced automobilesThere are now technologies that can control and reduce the speed of a vehicle automatically. It is a cruise control system with sensors to adjust the speed and stop the vehicle if necessary. The brakes are applied automatically and cars can monitor blind spots and warn drivers. They can also ensure that you keep your distance and stay in your lane. They can see the crash is imminent and alert driver and apply brake to reduce the impact if not stop the vehicle to prevent it.

There are smart systems that start tightening the seat belts, close the windows and prepare to protect the passengers from the impact of the collision. They can also alert the driver to objects nearby including pedestrians. They use the radar technology to see the objects and people even in the blind spot of the driver. A few high end automobile manufacturers have their own solutions to certain avoidable problems.

Cars can now warn drivers if they are getting out of their lane. They use cameras to notice the lane markers and tire vibration to warn drivers. They can help you to park the car properly and they can show you where to park with rear view cameras. There are cars that can park itself as well instead of the driver. There are few more we probably forgot about and new ones are coming out every day.

Auto insurance companies are closely watching these developments and taking a note of the autos with the helpful features. If they believe that these additional features will reduce accidents and claims they offer premium savings to owners. Getting the cars to correct the mistakes of their owner is a grand idea as far as the companies concerned. They will be like gadgets that look after the pockets of insurers. So, the robot cars may be nearer than you think.

On The Job Driving: Injuries and Insurance?

Some people are employed as drivers and others are given an automobile for the company. When you are employed to drive a vehicle from one destination to another there is not much doubt as to if it was a business trip or a private one. A truck or van driver is unlikely to use these vehicles in their personal time. This makes it easier to determine who is going to pay for the injuries the driver suffered and which insurer will pay for other damages. Companies will have to insure the vehicle and the driver for possible accidents and injuries. Otherwise, they will be facing legal action from the driver’s lawyers.

When you are given a company car it is a bit more complicated to determine the purpose of the use, which insurance policy cover and who pays for injuries and other damages. Some companies may allow the employee to take the automobile to home so that he/she could commute with it. Sometimes employees may be paid a mileage allowance while they are using their own cars for work. Then, they may need to insure the vehicle privately and make claims on their own policies. This doesn’t stop lawyers arguing that it was still an on the job accident and the employer should pay compensation.

on the job driversIn either cases, there is the argument that the incident was during company time or private time. Then what if it was the drivers fault? It is a complicated situation to sort out and in some cases companies may demand compensation instead of giving one.

It may be that these cars are insured on two policies as well. During the work hours or when you are on your way to work the car may be insured by your employer. But if you are using it in your private time you may have to make a claim on your own policy. You need to understand these requirements and conditions well when you are using a company car. You should assume that the company will pay in any case and they have substantial coverage. You should check that your business auto insurance doesn’t have private use exclusion or your private policy don’t exclude business use.

Not everyone works for a big corporate firm. There are many people who work for small realtor or marketing firm that require them to use their own automobiles. They drive thousands of miles every year and they cannot get it covered under a private auto insurance. Even they may be called private policies the premium can be as high as a commercial policy when business use is included. In any case, it is much better to let the company know what you are using your auto for and pay the premium. This will make sure that you and your insurer are on the same page and you won’t have any issues with your claims.

It is advisable that you find out your entitlements when you are driving on the job. And figure out when you are on the job and when you are on  a private time. The implications of these separations can be serious that you may need to arrange alternative coverage where the there is shortage.

Understanding Auto Insurance Policy Documents

You may need to be in the legal profession to fully understand any contract. But we don’t need to understand a document word by word to understand its use, functions, terms and conditions. That may be enough for the purpose of arranging coverage or checking if it meets your requirements. What you don’t want to do is to come up with excuses that you don’t look at the contents of a document you are party to. Some people may never once open their policy documents and it is not alright.

Besides, there are easy online dictionaries to find out the meaning of any word if you get stuck. You can ask your agent or broker to explain a particular section or find out if you are covered for a certain risk. You shouldn’t leave any questions unanswered when you are paying large sums for a policy and expecting it to pay back even larger sums when you suffer losses contained in them.

auto insurance policiesPolicies are being written in plain English these days to help everyone understand it. Companies are not trying to hide anything in the small print as suggested by some people. Small print is generally used in advertisements when they don’t want to waste the value space with all the conditions they have to list.

Essentially, you will need to check if the coverage levels are the same as you requested, all the drivers you mentioned listed and all your particulars including the vehicle details are correct. You can find this information on the schedule in the front. At least you need to find this part and confirm the accuracy of the document. You are responsible for any mistakes and omissions made on them, not the company or the agent as you may think.

You should look for terms and conditions to ensure that there aren’t exclusions you didn’t know about. Or there aren’t any conditions that you cannot comply or not happy to have it on there. Look at the sections that describe who is allowed to drive the car. Some cheaper policies may include a special condition that only allows the listed drivers to drive the car and don’t make any provision for occasional drivers. If that is the case, you need to decide if you want it changed which may require additional premium. Or you may keep this in mind and don’t let anyone else to drive your car.

Think what is important for you and check the position. For example, you may not want aftermarket parts used while your automobile being repaired following accidents or other damages. If this is important you should check now that company doesn’t allow itself to use these parts. If it is in the contract you cannot do anything about it when you have a claim. Again, if you have an older car and you are getting a large discount on the policy you may be alright with this condition. Make sure that you are agreeing to those terms rather than you know nothing about them. You cannot blame the company for hiding the information if it is in the policy.

Seeking Good Insurance Rates

Almost every household needs to buy some sorts of insurance coverage. Large portion of them buys several policies. These are typically, home, life, auto and health insurance policies. Overall, they can take up large chunk of the household budget. When you are dependent on earned income for not only paying for today’s expenses but also saving and investing you should be extra careful how you spend it. If there is a way to save money you should check it out.

Health insurance is the first concern in the USA. If your employers don’t provide health insurance you may be in trouble when you need medical care. This is not a cheap coverage either and many people stay employed instead of starting their own businesses just because of the size of medical coverage payments paid by the employers.

When you become a family first thing you should think about is what will happen to the rest of the family if one of the parents die? This is a serious question any caring parent should ask. The life is great when everything is in place and working the way it should. But every thing could turn upside down and you need to prepare for these situations. So, you would buy life insurance policies for each parent to receive a lump sum in case on of them dies.

Next you have home or renters insurance for your content. You may have only few things in this life but you want to make sure they are there no matter what. If you own a home you know how valuable it is and you cannot take chances with it knowing all the possible dangers of fire, storm and floods. Besides you would probably be required to insure it since you are likely to have a mortgage on it.

Next millions of people own automobiles and they must insure them according to the state laws. This is not something you can avoid paying since there are regular checks carried out by law enforcement. You must buy at least liabilities car insurance to satisfy the requirements and have a provision to pay for the damages and injuries you may cause. You would probably want to insure your car as well just in case you suffer damages in an accident or it gets stolen.

Insurance makes our lives easier and let us sleep better at night. However, it is not cheap to buy all those policies and it may be tough to deal with monthly premiums. Everyone would appreciate if they could save some money on these expenses. The best way of saving money on your policies to shop around. This alone can offer you twenty to thirty percent savings. There are a few comparison sites whichever policy you are looking for and you should check them out.

Another alternative is to combine and bundle policies wherever possible. The ones that are easy to bundle is home and auto and you can buy multi-car policies if you have at least two. You can employ an independent broker to have a look at your requirements and help you find suitable policies at affordable prices. This may be a smart move after all.

What Is Key Person Insurance?

We arrange many policies in our private life. We insure our home, automobile, life, health and any other valuables we may have. We don’t just buy life insurance for only husband or wife when we have children to look after and we don’t necessarily insure the bread winner only. Someone has to look after the kids if something happens to stay at home parent. So, there are a few points to consider and take into account while you are working out exactly what you need.

Consider you are running a business. All this questions and risk assessments would be even more complicated. You will have to buy enough liabilities coverage for the company to pay for any claims that may come from customers and employees. You must insure the premises for any fire, flood and other distractions. Don’t forget the vehicles owned by the firm. If this is your job you need to do it in a way that will not cost a fortune to your company and you are not exposed to a particular risk.

Many companies may not consider it to be a serious risk or don’t even understand but there is one type of policy that may help them a lot. Think about directors or your head engineer or project manager. Are these people easily replaceable. By definition companies are separate entities from their owners event though they may be the brain child of one or two people.

key person insuranceSo, what happens if one of these people are lost? The company is built to outlast people but they still need help during the transition period. They would miss a certain person like people do. How would such gap be filled? It may not be possible to replace them immediately. So, how would your business be affected by loss of an influential employee? Certain people are valued highly and they get paid large sums. This indicates that company is doing whatever they can to keep them.

There is a solution to all these questions. Companies can buy a life insurance for their key personnel. In order to buy a policy on someone’s life you need to have insurable interest on such person’s life. A company would have an insurable interest in their employees lives when they are key for the current operation of the business. So, these policies are called key person insurance and for covering the damages losing one employee would cause.

They are generally sold as a life insurance with a predetermined sum. The insured life is the life of the employee and the beneficiary is the employer. And employers pay the premiums. The whole purpose is to protect the company from losing services of one of their valuable member of the staff.

You can read more about key person insurance here on according to Wikipedia. This policies are not appreciated enough and some company owners and directors may not even know that they exist. If they have a financial adviser he/she would explain this to them and make them aware. Even then, some will take their chances or not realize the importance of a particular person for the business. They may think he/she would be easily replaced but it is not usually the case.